how to build a startup without coding

Resources for How to Build a Startup Without Coding

Ever wanted to build a startup but felt like you were limited by not knowing how to code? Be limited no more!

The elitism of the coding class doesn’t want you to know about it, but there are TONS of resources out there for those of us who don’t know how to code but still want to build something cool, whether it be just for ourselves or as an MVP for a business. That’s the cool thing about technology- you can hack together just about anything that you can imagine and have a working ‘thing’ in just a few hours.

In this case, I just wanted to write a quick update to tell everyone about a subreddit that I started a while back to document all the cool no-code tools that i’ve found over the years that can help someone learn to build their product without needing to know how to code. It started off as a convenient repository of tools for myself but it has started growing lately as more people have found out about it.

What can you do without code? Just about anything. You might not be able to build the next Facebook, but you can sure clone some of it’s functionality to test the minimum viable product to test out if people want to use it. In fact, one of the coolest no-code tools that i’ve found, called Bubble, has been used to create an exact clone of Twitter to demonstrate it’s functionality. Another company called Kollecto used Bubble and a few other services to create their entire art matching service after they outgrew their first MVP setup.

So when I say that the tools out there really can be used to build just about anything that you can imagine, i’m not kidding! Check out the NoCode subreddit and contribute any cool tools that you find to help other people learn to build a startup without coding!

PS- Sorry for the short post! I will add to this one later with more examples and how-to’s!